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VoIP Integration UC Auditing Solution (UCAS) is a unique real-time change tracking and administrative action auditing system for Cisco UC systems.

The undisputed number one cause of system outages is human error, identifying what has recently changed along with who made the change can result in drastically faster restoration times. Unfortunately the Cisco UC environment contains little to no tools for logging system access, tracking changes or administrative actions such as device resets or service restarts. Administrative access logs are buried deep in web service log files that you have to export off box and scan to extract who accessed your servers. Audit logs only show you who made a change to a device but not what the change was and only on certain objects like phones or mailboxes. The tracking of more important changes like system settings are practically impossible with the built in options.

VoIP Integration UCAS bridges these gaps with an appliance based solution.

UCAS tracks each and every action across the UC systems, not just the basics like phones and speed dials but absolutely everything from service parameters to service resets and more. If an action is applied to your Cisco UC environment through the admin web interfaces UCAS will track and log it. Other change management systems only track who made a change, then rely on a time based snapshot comparison to best estimate what the change was.

Know when an action was taken, who made it and for changes, have a full history of the before and after values.

The UCAS web interface provides real-time reporting of all recent actions and configuration changes, allowing you to quickly identify service outages caused by human error. Identify who was responsible for a service affecting change during the day, who deleted an important mailbox or even who took a look at the CEO’s speed dial list. This level of auditing adds a new level of staff accountability not previously available.

The Unique UCAS Design Advantage

Users log into the UCAS interface using the corporate LDAP or Active Directory credentials and select a UC cluster and admin interface such as ccmadmin.

UCAS then logs into the admin interface using a username and password unknown to the admin user and acts as a non-caching proxy server for the duration of the session.

The web interface is passed through to the admin user untouched so that the administrative interface operation remains the same.

This unique patent pending architecture allows UCAS to track and log all admin actions, events and configuration changes. This unique architecture also allows for alert notification upon changes to sensitive configurations such as 911 routes along with the ability to block access or updates to individual pages.

UCAS is the only system of its kind and is a must have for every organization with the need for accountability and an audit trail or where regulatory and compliance issues are a constant concern.

UCAS Downloads

Installation and Administration Guide *
Virtual Machine *
* Restricted Access : Customer download only, please login to download.

UCAS Supports the following Cisco UC Applications:

CUCM - Cisco Unified Communications Manager 7+
CUC - Cisco Unity Connections 7+

Additional UC platforms coming soon!

VM Ware ESXi 5.0+

Ram : minimum 4gb
vCPU : minimum 2
Disk : minimum 20Gb

Note : Ram, CPU and drive space vary per customer load and retention period.

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